In the works, a Yoda film is?

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Hope not let us. Say this why do I? Alway been has — ugh, I can’t even type like that anymore and you were probably one backwards sentence away from ditching this post entirely. Can you imagine watching an entire movie of Yoda-speak? Don’t get me wrong, Yoda is one of the best things to ever happen to Star Wars, let alone film history. He’s the quintessential Sage archetype, the Wise Old Man, the Mentor. And that’s why it works. Star Wars is built on myth and once you start futzing with the archetypes, things could unravel quickly.

Would it be an old Yoda? A young Yoda? Yoda between Episodes III and IV? There’s 900 years worth of storytelling, providing lots of opportunities…IF, in fact, this rumor is even worth its weight in rootleaf stew. But if it IS true, and the story maintains the mythological constructs that make Star Wars Star Wars, then I’d expect to see a young Yoda, with the introduction of a new Mentor character – Yoda’s master. But can a little green puppet carry a film? [Insert The Muppets rebuttal here]. Would it be more kid friendly, a la the recent Young Jedi story arc from The Clone Wars?

We’ll have to wait and see how things shake out, but I’m beginning to question if the “Marvel approach” (as it’s been dubbed) will work with equal success for the Star Wars franchise. Marvel is built on individual characters that HAVE to stand-alone…because they have to carry a comic series. Star Wars (at least as far as the films are concerned) has been more about the epic journeys (again with the mythology stuff). And if the plan is, in fact, to have character-driven stand-alone movies that will eventually culminate in an Avengers-like ensemble piece, why start with a character that died in Episode VI? I guess they brought Darth Maul back from the dead, but I don’t think even Disney could bring Yoda back from the Force-netherworld without Sun Crusher-scale fallout. I think I’d much rather see a Yoda novel – but that’s just me.

Who knows – like with all recent Star Wars news, speculation is the word of the hour…and it’s FUN! It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan, people – so speculate away!

What do you think? Do you think a stand-alone Yoda film would work? What other characters would deserve their own big screen treatment?

Source: AICN

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