Fun Find Fridays: He-Man patch

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Fun Find Fridays is my series on the strange comic book related paraphernalia I’ve found at comic book shows, antique shops, swap meets, or buried in my closet. 

“By the Power of Grayskull! I — am — iron-on!”

I found this He-Man patch at the Tucson Comic Con in November.  A quick Google search of both “He-Man patch” and “The Hits Company” that made it produced no definitive result, so I don’t know if this patch is vintage, Mattel licensed, or even one-of-a-kind — but for a mere two dollars, I do know this: it’s now a part of my collection.

Russ Kazmierczak Jr. self-publishes satirical superhero comics available at KaraokeFanboy Press



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