Fun Find Fridays: Bret Blevins Hulk Card

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Blevins Hulk Card

Fun Find Fridays is my series on the strange comic book related paraphernalia I’ve found at comic book shows, antique shops, swap meets, or buried in my closet.

Fun Find Fridays returns, just as millions of fans return to the cinematic Avengers universe this weekend with the release of Iron Man 3. So, to celebrate, I’m sharing one of my coolest finds: a small greeting card featuring the Hulk, painted by comics legend Bret Blevins! Blevins is actually an Arizona resident, scheduled to appear at this year’s Phoenix Comicon, where I hope he’ll take a moment to sign this little card I picked up from a boutique in Prescott. That would be — incredible!

Russ Kazmierczak, Jr. is a comic book fan and artist, posting comics about superheroes in Arizona at KaraokeFanboy Press.

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