Extreme Makeover: ASU Mascot Edition — Special Remix (Part II)

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Sparky -- maybeDisney’s redesign of the iconic ASU Sun Devil mascot Sparky has been so unpopular that the university is going to allow aspects of the updated costume to be tweaked by the public. ABC15 reports that an ASU webpage will, from April 22 to May 5, give those dissatisfied with the Disney Devil a way to select certain features of the mascot’s head and face. The results will be revealed Sept. 5 during the first football game of the season — when, presumably, everyone will be happy and have no reason to complain about anything.

Until a bunch of meddling kids aging fussbudgets got involved, the controversial new Sparky costume had been set to debut at a spring event, with some merchandise already sporting the design — but the original Sparky logo was wisely retained as the official image of ASU in marketing and merchandise purposes. The new Disney design was intended for the football field as well as comic books, children’s literature and animated productions geared toward engaging young ASU fans.


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