Star Wars live-action TV show gets working title

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Star Wars: Underworld. That’s the new working title for the proposed Star Wars live-action television show (which apparently has 50 scripts already written, but no production date in sight – something about budget concerns). While it fits with the suspected themes of the show (gangsters, bounty hunters, the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars universe – comparisons to The Sopranos have already been made), the more I think about it, the more overdone the title seems. I mean, we have the Underworld vampire/werewolf movie franchise, with a fourth installment set to hit theatres next week. 2008’s Tomb Raider video game release was graced with the same moniker. It’s also a band, a Resident Evil novel, a comic series

Not original, but it seems recent Star Wars Expanded Universe material has fallen prey to lackluster titles. The recent Fate of the Jedi novel series has stuck with one-word titles like Conviction and Apocalypse, and last year’s Michael Reaves/Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff novel Shadow Games sounds an awful lot like the latest Sherlock Holmes film sequel A Game of Shadows. Which could sound like HBO’s tent-pole show, Game of Thrones…oy vey.

Check out the source of the news, a video interview with producer Rick McCallum below. While we may have to wait years (or never) to see the show, there is still plenty of time for this to change…but regardless of the title, I’m stoked to see some more Star Wars goodness on TV. What do you think? Good title? Have a better idea? Let us know!

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