Star Wars Episode VII secrets revealed through … Tinder?

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From what I’ve been hearing, anyone and everyone involved with the upcoming Episode VII is signing just about every NDA and I-will-die-a-death-worthy-of-a-Westerosi-wedding document to keep every shred of information secret. I’m sure J.J. and his army of Disney/Lucasfilm lawyers have thought about all forms and platforms for potential leaks — word-of-mouth, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, carrier pigeon. But here’s one I doubt they kept in mind. Tinder.

For those unfamiliar, Tinder is a social “connection” app (basically used for judging people based on physical appearance and deciding if you want to grab a coffee/hook-up with them).

According to United Arab Emirates news site, The National, Star Wars Episode VII may, indeed, be filming in the deserts of Abu Dhabi — and they have a photo that supports their claim (see below — click for a larger view).

via The National, photo by Mona Al Marzooqi

The Internet is already squealing with theories (is it the knee joint of an AT-AT? Part of the R2-D2 and C-3PO escape pod?), but there’s no way to tell. And while it’s a pretty good guess that we’ll be returning to the inordinately popular planet, Tatooine, in the latest Star Wars installment, that has yet to be confirmed as well. (Color me sentimental, but why not keep with tradition and head to Tunisia?)

Here’s where it gets good. Doing some pretty stellar investigating, The National was able to confirm that a colleague was flirting with someone on Tinder claiming to be an assistant director on — Star Wars. Boom. Hey, in the dog-eat-dog world of online dating, you gotta pull out all the stops. Clearly, this guy was trying to impress. The National reached out:

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of harmless bragging, but when you’re working on perhaps the most secretive film production of the decade, perhaps it’s better just to lie and claim you’re an astronaut or Bradley Cooper). Naturally, we called the poor guy (who shall remain nameless), only for him to, unsurprisingly, deny all knowledge and even assert he was working on Fast & Furious (of which he’s not listed as among the crew). His name was, however, listed as being among the crew for the last round of Star Wars films, beginning with Episode III. Hmm.

As with everything surrounding this frustratingly top-secret project, take everything with a 5-pound salt lick, but it’s not an incredible stretch to believe. This is one story I’d swipe right.

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