‘Clone Wars’ Premiere: Savage Opress rages onto TV screens this January

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Last Thursday I was able to attend the geekiest event since Celebration V – an exclusive screening of three brand new Clone Wars episodes, featuring the fearsome Savage Opress. Not airing until January 7th, the three episodes (Nightsisters, Monster and Witches of the Mist) form a tightly linked story arc that focuses on Count Dooku’s assassin, Asajj Ventress and her connections to the Nightsisters of Dathomir, a cult of mysterious witches. And of course, the yellow and black tattooed beast (and brother of Darth Maul), Savage Opress, makes his screen debut as well.

Penned by George Lucas’ daughter Katie, the episodes mark a real turning point in the series. The first half of season 3 has featured some of the weakest episodes to date, making fans anxious for something, anything, to actually happen (many of the episodes have been filler stories, taking place in between episodes from seasons 1 and 2). Finally, it seems, something will happen – a lot of something. The episodes pack a ton of action, character development and world-building in a beautifully animated package. We get some of the best lightsaber battles yet, further backstory on Ventress, a peek at Sith training, a wonderful Expanded Universe tie-in (the Dathomir Nightsisters first featured in the 1994 novel The Courtship of Princess Leia).

And the tagline “secrets revealed” is finally bearing fruit…the final moment of the last episode is a jaw-dropping, gasp-inducing, head-scratching geek slap that could alter fan perceptions of Star Wars continuity in an even bigger way than 2008’s The Force Unleashed. No spoilers here, sorry – if you want to know, though, I’m sure there are blogs spilling the beans.

The screening concluded with a sneak peek at the remaining half of season 3. Coincidently, this trailer was just released online today…so take a look here and be prepared – THIS is the Clone Wars we have been waiting for!

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