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Weird Science #4 (#15) – Nov/Dec, 1950

Cover art by Al Feldstein

Weird Science #4 (#15) – Nov/Dec, 1950
Weird Science #4 (#15) – Nov/Dec, 1950

The legendary Al Feldstein is one of our favorite artists here at Classic Comic Cover Corner, so we were deeply saddened to hear the news last week that the 88 year-old sci-fi pioneer had passed away.

Mr. Feldstein was one of the most prolific of the old school EC Comics artists and writers, and his work in comics like Weird Fantasy, Tales from the Crypt, Crime SuspenStories, The Haunt of Fear, The Vault of Horror, Shock SuspenStories, and Weird Science has inspired generations of comic creators.

Al Feldstein by Michael Netzer
Al Feldstein by Michael Netzer

Feldstein drew some of the most original, creative, and genuinely creepy monsters and aliens in comic book history. Just try a Google image search of “EC Comics” and “Al Feldstein” and you’ll be literally amazed by the results.

Al Feldstein’s contributions to the Sci-Fi and horror genres would be plenty to solidify his standing as a pop culture legend, but wait, there’s more! As its infamous editor from 1956 to 1985, Feldstein also helmed MAD magazine, overseeing some of the greatest satire ever created – including naming MAD’s “What? Me worry?” guy, Alfred E. Neuman, and instituting the beloved cover boy as the magazine’s mascot.

Showcasing Mr. Feldstein’s work on Weird Science #4 (which you might have noticed is also #15 for some mysterious reason – the “real #15 was published in Nov/Dec 1952) – which was inspired by Orson Welles’ 1938 “War of the Worlds” radio hoax – seems a fitting send off for the artist, who, we assume, is now chilling onboard that great big mothership in the sky.

Rest in peace, Al Feldstein, thank you for your fantastic contributions to pop culture.

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