Classic Comic Cover Corner – The Incredible Hulk #156

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The Incredible Hulk #156 – October 1972

Cover art by Herb Trimpe

Incredible Hulk #156
The Incredible Hulk #156 – October 1972

For good luck and in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, this week the Classic Comic Cover Corner is showcasing The Incredible Hulk #156, which is doubly green with two Hulks on the cover, getting ready to throw down in a story called, “Holocaust at the Heart of the Atom!”

When I think of green and comics the incredible Hulk is the first character that comes to mind; and when you stop to consider that there are several comic heroes who actually have the color “green” as part of their moniker (i.e. Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Green Hornet … and even the Green Turtle), it really speaks to the strength of Marvel’s “green behemoth” that he registers so immediately on the jade-o-meter.

Savage Dragon #156There are so many great Hulk covers to choose from (#146 & #171 are other favorites of mine), but Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen even paid tribute to this particular classic comic cover by commissioning veteran Hulk artist Herb Trimpe to recreate it as a variant cover for Savage Dragon #156.

You gotta love the great Hulk dialogue on this cover — it predates Homer Simpson threatening his own brain with a Q-tip by decades. I’ll always love the lovable dumb Hulk best and with his propensity for fighting he’s gotta have some Irish in him.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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