Classic Comic Cover Corner (Thanksgiving Edition) – Superboy #36

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Superboy #36 – October, 1954

Cover art by Curt Swan

Superboy #36 – October, 1954
Superboy #36 – October, 1954

Remember that Thanksgiving when you thought your parents died on their trip to Africa, and then you had to move in with Ma & Pa Kent, but how it was all okay because you were so excited that Superboy was serving up some meat for you?

That’s how it all went down back in 1954 in the story titled, “Superboy’s Sister,” from Superboy #36; and while you may not have been as thrilled as Lana Lang is on this classic cover, you have to admit that having the ‘Boy of Steel’ carve your turkey at hyper-speed would be pretty darn cool. Oh, what innocent days those were.

Here’s hoping all of our Nerdvana readers had a very happy Thanksgiving!

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