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Supergirl #7 – October, 1973

Cover Art by Bob Oksner

Supergirl #7 – October, 1973
Supergirl #7 – October, 1973

Winter is fast upon us and here at Classic Comic Cover Corner that means it’s time once again to showcase a sensational seasonal superannuated sequential-art treasure.

Our featured cover this week is Supergirl #7 from the Winter of 1973, where the mightiest girl on Earth reluctantly teams up with the “saucy sorceress” Zatanna to rescue the man that they are, coincidentally, both infatuated with.

Although the premise depicted on this cover is incredibly awesome, it is, unfortunately, more than a little misleading. The super heroines don’t actually fight over the affections of the Abominable Snowman, but over which of them gets to rescue their two-timing Peace Corp boyfriend, Tony Martyn, who has been captured by a Himalayan sorcerer (as is apt to happen.)

Supergirl #7 – October, 1973There are several things with this book that make it amazing and goofy fun. First, you gotta love hot girls fighting over what is basically a gorilla. It’s a scenario that gives hope to Sasquatch-like men around the world.

And speaking of hot girls, I get that Supergirl is invulnerable, but Zatanna seems to be very under-dressed for traversing the snow covered Himalayas. Maybe she just used her “Mraw Em Pu” spell to heat up. At least that fancy top hat keeps her head warm.

The biggest mystery in this story is why are these two powerful women are so enamored with a guy that looks like a comic book version of Burt Reynolds? In the end they find out the slimy cheater already has a fiancée and they are both left feeling like super-heels. Come on ladies, you can do better than that – give that Sasquatch guy a try.

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