Classic Comic Cover Corner – Strange Adventures #89

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Strange Adventures #89 – February 1958

Cover Art by Gil Kane

Strange Adventures #89 - February 1958
Strange Adventures #89 – February 1958

Did you ever have one of those weeks when you wish you could just sell your beat-up old planet and move to a new one? This has kind of been one of those weeks. Superman celebrated his 75th anniversary this last Thursday, but we’ve had a couple of stark reminders that even though the Man of Steel is very capable of rescuing us from all manner of intergalactic super-villains, there is no way the hero can save us from our worst enemy – ourselves.

Our classic comic cover this week is from DC Comics’ Strange Adventures #89, featuring the story, “Earth For Sale,” where aliens from Saturn are being tricked into buying our planet. You were probably not aware that Saturnites are very easily conned; and at this point the only way we’re going to find a buyer for the hot mess we call Earth is by throwing some used-car salesman like moves on them.

For better or worse we’re stuck on this rock together and neither Superman nor men from Saturn are going to pull our collective butts out of this fire. So here’s hoping we can somehow learn to get along and live in peace, and that next week will be better than the last.

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