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Star Trek #6 – December, 1969

Photo cover image of Leonard Nimoy (interior art by Alberto Giolitti)

Star Trek #6 – December, 1969
Star Trek #6 – December, 1969

Pop culture lost one of its most iconic personalities last Friday (Stardate 47634.44) when nerddom’s beloved Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy, transported to that big Alpha/Omega quadrant in the sky.

Although I’ve never been a Star Trek fanatic per se, I certainly admire the television show (especially the original series), the films, and their impact on our cultural landscape. And for me, Spock WAS Star Trek.

Oh sure, there was an ensemble of colorful and interesting characters, but I don’t think the show would have ever caught on or been nearly as successful without its odd looking and unwaveringly logical resident alien.

Star Trek #1 -   July, 1967
The first Star Trek comic.
Star Trek #1 – July, 1967

Follow my logic in that Nimoy begat Spock, Spock begat interest in the television series and became Star Trek’s most popular character, and Star Trek begat countless imitators and sparked the imagination of thousands of pop culture creators (and likely the imaginations of multitudes who have yet to be born.) His is definitely a legacy that will live long and prosper.

In the early seventies I watched the original television series in syndication reruns on a tiny little television screen that barely received a signal strong enough to make a picture, and to be honest, when Spock was not on screen I often lost interest. But fortunately the showrunners at NBC knew that the human-Vulcan half-breed was their main draw and he was never far from the center of each show’s storyline.

So for this week’s CCCC, how could we do anything but honor Leonard Nimoy and Spock, whose photos were featured on many of the early Gold Key Star Trek comic covers, including the awesome Star Trek #6 (December, 1969), where the Starship Enterprise’s science officer has to “think fast” in order to prevent “a freak impulsion” from creating a “galactic disaster!” You can’t ask for more fun than that.

If you’d like to learn more about this particular book and the interesting history of Star Trek’s Gold Key series, visit uber-fan Curt Danhauser’s website ( that is dedicated to vintage Star Trek comics. And go to our comments section to let us know your favorite memory of the irreplaceable Mr. Spock/Leonard Nimoy.

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