Classic Comic Cover Corner (New Year Edition) – Famous Funnies #138

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When current events collide with comic book history we showcase a classic comic cover, complete with compelling pop culture commentary, for your cordial contemplation. It’s the Classic Comic Cover Corner!

Famous Funnies #138 – January, 1946

Cover art by Stephen A. Douglas

Famous Funnies #138 – January, 1946

Faster than a speeding DeLorean a new year is upon us once again, and nothing brings in the New Year like a monkey on a jackhammer pounding on a metal washtub – especially if you ask my neighbors.

This seventy year-old Famous Funnies issue featured colorful characters like Buck Rogers, Invisible Scarlet O’Neil, Scorchy Smith, Dickie Dare, Big Cheif Wahoo, Oaky Doaks and Jitter (the “trained” monkey that is featured on cover.) Dickie Dare? You can never say that our comic book forefathers didn’t have a knack for catchy character names.

If you know your comic book history you’ll remember that Famous Funnies (in particular their first edition, titled “Famous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics” – 1933) is widely regarded to be the very first mass marketed comic book.

Famous Funnies #138 – January, 1946
“Jitter” in Famous Funnies #138 – January, 1946

On another historical note, this cover’s artist, Stephen A. Douglas, is not the same the Illinois politician famous for the 1854 Kansas–Nebraska Act, but rather the Famous Funnies artist/editor credited with being one of the founding fathers of the comic book. You decide which of those achievements is more important.

Happy New Year to all of our Nerdvana readers – may 2016 bring you many geeky returns!
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A note to regular CCCC readers: After three years and 156 posts, this edition of the Classic Comic Cover Corner marks the last of our regular weekly Sunday column. You’ll still see the CCCC make an appearance on Nerdvana from time to time, but the New Year and exciting new projects are going to creep into our usual comic cover ogling time. Stick around and we’ll hope to see you again soon.

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