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Sensation Comics #38 – February, 1945

Cover art by Harry G. Peter

Sensation Comics #38 – February, 1945
Sensation Comics #38 – February, 1945

Wonder Woman is usually busy delving out justice to the bad guys, but on a cold Christmas evening in the winter of 1944-45 the world’s most famous Amazon princess decided to hand out presents to poor children while disguised as “Miss Santa Claus.” Unfortunately, no matter where WW goes or what she does, she always seems to find trouble.

Sensation Comics #38 – February, 1945In the classic Sensation Comics #38 (in a story penned by Wonder Woman’s creator, Psychologist William Moulton Marston), Princess Diana tries to perform some good holiday deeds for the underprivileged kids in a poor neighborhood; but, as is apt to occur, the heroine stumbles onto some nefarious evildoers planning to steal gold from the US Treasury, and it’s up to “Santa Claus Dame” and her magic lasso to save the day.

Now my personal preference would be to have this version of Santa visit my home, especially as opposed to the old, fat dude. But in this comic WW actually gets knocked in the head by a frightened mother who assumes Diana is an intruder – which, when you get down to cookies and milk, she is. No one ever said being a superhero was easy.

Here’s hoping all of our Nerdvana readers have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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