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Hex #1 – September, 1985

Cover art by Mark Texeira

Hex #1 – September, 1985
Hex #1 – September, 1985
Mad Max exploded onto theater screens this weekend with the thirty-years-in-the-making film reboot, Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. It’s an insanely awesome high-octane action flick (we recommend you bring a seat belt), but if you are a comic book fan you’ll find that the adventures of Max Rockatansky are almost non-existent in sequential art form. That doesn’t mean DC Comics would pass up the opportunity to capitalize on the apocalyptic road warrior’s popularity.

In 1985, soon after the summer release of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, DC writer, Michael Fleisher, rebooted the facially-scarred western hero, Jonah Hex, as a post-apocalyptic protagonist simply called, Hex (which you’ll note even rhymes with Max.)

Jonah Hex #92 - August, 1985
Jonah Hex #92 – August, 1985
The Hex title was blatantly influenced by the Mad Max films, but it was more of a mash-up between the The Road Warrior, the Jonah Hex character and Buck Rogers, complete with science fiction aspects like robots and futuristic hovercrafts. And like most science-fantasy stories, there is also a John Carter influence; with Jonah Hex disappearing from his nineteenth century world and mysteriously appearing in the dystopian future (see Jonah Hex #92 – August, 1985.)

Comics have a long history of capitalizing on popular movie trends, using movies as the “mother’s milk” of creativity (as it were), and the big two publishers (Marvel & DC) are certainly guilty of the “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” philosophy, making it ironic that now some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters are based on comic books – and the line between the two mediums is blurring more every day.

Sadly, the 2010 Jonah Hex movie did not do well with critics or theater audiences, so it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be seeing a “Hex” spin-off movie anytime soon. But that’s okay; they couldn’t do much better than the Mad Max film currently in theaters. Now let’s get those Mad Max comics rolling!

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