Classic Comic Cover Corner – Godzilla #23

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Godzilla #23 – June 1979

Cover Art by Herb Trimpe

Godzilla #23
Godzilla #23 – June 1979

Are you as excited as we are about the upcoming robots versus giant monsters movie, Pacific Rim? Without a doubt, it’s going to be the “monster hit” of the summer. But what would happen if you were to combine Kaiju (Japanese for ‘giant monster’) with last summer’s smash film, The Avengers? Marvel Comics already imagined this back in 1979 with their comic book based on the Toho movie series, Godzilla #23.

Not only did the “King of the Monsters” take on the Avengers, the A-list super-group was only called in after the Fantastic Four and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s ‘Godzilla Squad’ failed to get the job done in a Doug Moench story called, “The King Once More.”

Coincidentally, during this same era (late-seventies), the writer/artist team of Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe also helmed a comic series based on the Shogun Warriors toys where giant robots are controlled by human pilots as they fight giant monsters. Sound familiar?

Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro would have been in his early teens around the time the Godzilla and Shogun Warriors comics were popular and it’s hard to imagine that his upcoming film wasn’t influenced by the comics, toys and Godzilla films of his youth – as were the droves of fans who can’t wait to see his new movie.

Nerdvana Bonus Trivia: Did you know that Godzilla is the only giant monster to have his own sidewalk star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? It’s true; if you visit Hollywood you can turn the tables on the King of Monsters by walking on him.

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