Classic Comic Cover Corner (Dog Days Edition) – Superboy #56

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Superboy #56 – April, 1957

Cover art by Curt Swan

Superboy #56 – April, 1957
Superboy #56 – April, 1957

America celebrated National Hot Dog Day this past Thursday and we also happen to be tail-deep into 2015’s “Dog Days of Summer,” so it’s time we got Sirius here at the CCCC and showcased a cover that celebrates man’s best friend … well, Superman’s best friend that is – and it isn’t Jimmy Olsen.

Much like the first Soviet space-dog, Laika, Superman’s Dad, Jor-El, sent baby Kal-El’s pet mutt, Krypto, into space as an experiment to test the craft that he would eventually use to send his only son to Earth.

Adventure Comics #210
Adventure Comics #210 (1955)

Unfortunately, poor Krypto’s starship went off course and he drifted around in space for a few years, eventually landing on our planet and catching up to Superboy in Adventure Comics #210 (1955), courtesy of writer Otto Binder and artist Curt Swan.

Note that Krypto’s origin took place two-years before the Soviets made Laika the first animal to be launched into orbit (in 1957.) Proof that the Russians were stealing ideas from American comics? You be the judge.

Krypto came unto his own in Superboy #56, when he decided to go solo and become the canine protector of pooches, in the Binder and Swan story, “A Job for Super-Dog.” But at the end of the tale, the two pals were back to working together again.

If there is any true ‘justice’ in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, then we will see an appearance by Krypto in the film. It seems like they are cramming every other DC character into this one picture, so why not?

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