Classic Comic Cover Corner – Daredevil #111

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Daredevil #111 – July 1974

Cover art by Ron Wilson

Daredevil #111
Daredevil #111 – July 1974

The Silver Samurai makes an appearance in the latest trailer for The Wolverine, which opens in theaters on July 26, 2013, and the Japanese mutant appears to be the main antagonist in the upcoming X-movie installment, which is allegedly based on the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller Wolverine stories circa 1982 – 83. So this week we’re showcasing the first appearance of Keniuchio Harada (AKA Kenuichio Harada, AKA the Silver Samurai) in Daredevil #111.

In a Steve Gerber (co-creator of Howard the Duck) story titled “Sword of the Samurai,” the “man without fear “gets his horned head handed to him by the high-flying Samurai who claims that the sky is his element (not likely, but it still makes for great cover dialogue.)

Like many Marvel characters, the Silver Samurai would later be given a much more interesting history and backstory; but for this introduction he’s just a muscled minion of the Black Spectre organization that is run by the baboon-like villain, the Mandrill.

The Mandrill is an old enemy of Shanna, the She-Devil, who unfortunately only makes an appearance as an icon in the upper-right corner of this cover. In the book’s story however, the sexy vine-swinger and her faithful leopard companions, Ina & Biri, help to save the blind hero from the Samurai’s attack. Unfortunately, she’s later captured and the Mandrill plans to operate on her brain unless Daredevil can stop him in time. Welcome to the jungle, Baby!

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