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Amazing Spider-Man #153 – February, 1976

Cover Art by Gil Kane

Amazing Spider-Man #153 – February, 1976
Amazing Spider-Man #153 – February, 1976

This weekend we’ve been having a great time at the very first Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, the Phoenix Comicon’s “winter” version, scheduled just in time for some prime pop culturally themed holiday shopping. But this has also been a special and unique event in that it is being held right in the middle of the Arizona Cardinals’ football stadium.

The Cardinals are having a great year and their home base at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale will also be hosting the 2015 Super Bowl (AKA Super Bowl XLIX), in which the Cards will, hopefully, be playing (and winning) as well. Either way, it’s been a blast geeking out at what could be called “Nerd Bowl I” (#PHXFANFEST) on the same field where the Super Bowl will be played next February.

All of this Fan Fest stadium action reminded me of Spider-Man #153, which featured Empire State University stadium (Peter Parker’s alma mater) on its cover, with Spidey negotiating the goal posts as he saves a little girl from a group of nefarious no-gooders with guns.

Amazing Spider-Man #153 – February, 1976

In the comic itself, said girl had been kidnapped and her father, Bradley “Boom-Boom” Bolton, a famous computer scientist and former ESU football hero, who must deliver a computer component to the bad guys in order to save the child. But as is apt to happen, the crooks keep the girl and the former football star has to rush a hundred yards, dodging bullets instead of defensive players, in order to save his daughter.

So far at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, the computer-components-for-kidnappers business has, fortunately, been kept to a minimum (at least as far as I know), probably thanks to the heroically blue-haired Spider-Girl I saw at the Zia Records booth.

Zia Records' "Spider-Girl" at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest
Zia Records’ “Spider-Girl” at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest

The Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest event will run through the end of today (Sunday, December 14 – 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) Go to Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest for details.

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