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Amazing Spider-Man #122 – July, 1973

Cover art by John Romita

Amazing Spider-Man #122 - July, 1973
Amazing Spider-Man #122 – July, 1973

Politics in the news this past week has been all about the New Jersey Governor (and potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate), Chris Christie, allegedly abusing his power to disrupt traffic on the George Washington Bridge that connects his state to New York City. But Christie isn’t the first super-villain to cause chaos on that historic landmark.

Amazing Spider-Man #122 - July, 1973
Amazing Spider-Man #122
July, 1973

Back in 1973, as you might recall from the infamous issues of Amazing Spider-Man #121 & #122, the Green Goblin caused all kinds of havoc on the GWB when he killed Peter Parker’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. The tragic event actually occurred in ASM #121, but for our purposes the bridge is featured prominently on the cover of the follow-up issue.

When the Goblin kicks Gwen of the top of the bridge, poor Spidey actually breaks her neck while trying to stop her fall. It was the “snap” heard around the world and the death of Gwen Stacy is widely recognized as one of the most significant events in comic book history. This cover by legendary Spider-Man artist, John Romita, is one of the most iconic images ever drawn, and many fans were brought to tears and/or outraged by Gwen’s untimely demise.

But like any good comic book character, Gwen would eventually come back to the pages of Amazing Spider-Man through various odd and implausible means. It will be interesting to see if Governor Christie proves to be as resilient.

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