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Adventure Comics #408 – July, 1971

Cover Art by Mike Sekowsky

Adventure Comics #408 – July, 1971
Adventure Comics #408 – July, 1971

Who’s excited for the new CBS Supergirl series? If you are a regular reader of the Classic Comic Cover Corner then you know we love us some “girl of steel,” especially her run as the featured player in DC’s Adventure Comics (1969 – 72.)

In addition to starring in her own television show (debuting this Monday, October 26, 2015), Kara Zor-El also made news last week when 2016 Presidential contender, Jeb Bush, mentioned that, “…she looked pretty hot.”

Supergirl on CBSAnd speaking of “hot,” the kid brother of “Dubya” ended up in hot water because he assumed Supergirl was a Marvel Comics character (read about it on Come on, Jeb! If you can’t keep track of the simplest tenets of comic fandom, are you someone we really want as the leader of the free world?

Having an old white Republican thinking you are hot is pretty scary in and of itself, but with Halloween fast approaching, we thought we’d showcase a classic Supergirl cover that is almost as terrifying.

Adventure Comics #408 features the Mike Sekowsky art and story, “The Face at the Window,” wherein Supergirl (AKA Linda Lee Danvers, AKA Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El) is guided by the spirit of a ghostly little girl who prompts her to investigates a murder that happened in a spooky old mansion.

Here’s hoping that Warner Bros. does as well with Supergirl (played by Melissa Benoist) on CBS as they have done with The Flash on the CW channel; and if they can find a way to fit Gorilla Grodd into an episode, all the better.

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