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Adventure Comics #391 – March, 1970

Cover art by Curt Swan

Adventure Comics #391 – March, 1970
Adventure Comics #391 – March, 1970

It was announced last week that Glee and Whiplash actress, Melissa Benoist, will be starring as Supergirl in the upcoming CBS television series. I have to admit that I don’t know much about Glee or Ms. Benoist, but I do know that I loves me some classic Supergirl comic covers.

During the late sixties and early seventies, DC’s Adventure Comics featured Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El (AKA Linda Danvers), in some of the craziest (and coolest) comic covers ever created. In fact, the entire Supergirl run in Adventure Comics (from #381 – 424) is a fascinating reflection of the era in which they were published, especially in regards to pop culture’s perception of young women at the time.

Melissa Benoist
Melissa Benoist

CBS touts that the new Supergirl will have an “awesome” costume (see Entertainment Weekly), and Rao knows they have a slew of designs to choose from. (Peruse them yourself at – and let us know – in the comments section below – which is your favorite.)

In Adventure Comics #391, a computer determines that Stanhope College student Linda Danvers would make an excellent actress, and she is subsequently cast as Supergirl in a movie about her real-life alter ego. Super-wackiness ensues as Linda tries to keep her identity secret while mishaps on the set call on her to utilize her powers. Don’t ask why poor Linda didn’t rate a stunt-woman stand in.

The Supergirl mythos in comics is about as convoluted as they get, and the modern version of the character has all but forgotten the Linda Danvers identity (not to be confused with Marvel’s Carol Danvers [AKA Captain Marvel]), and it’s unclear whether the upcoming TV show will use the name Linda Danvers or Kara Danvers, although ‘Linda’ is how the part is currently listed in the IMDB.

Can you have Supergirl in a world without Superman? I want to know how (or if) Supes will be incorporated into the new television show. And one more thing – will Melissa Benoist be doing her own stunts?

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