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Action Comics #400 – May 1971

Cover art by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano

Action Comics #400
Action Comics #400 – May 1971

The legendary Neal Adams is going to be attending the 2013 Phoenix Comicon and this is one artist you need to ensure you visit during the big event. Mr. Adams is responsible for some of the most iconic and “relevant” comic book art of all time – especially during his run on the DC Comics’ Green Lantern/Green Arrow series of the early-seventies.

Tarzan and the Leopard Men cover art by Neal AdamsSo you are probably asking yourself, “If the Neal Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow books are so iconic, why are you showcasing a Superman comic with an ape?” Ah, first, because I love ape covers! Second, because it leads in to my mentioning that Mr. Adams (together with renowned fantasy artist Boris Vallejo) was also responsible for a series of Tarzan paperback book covers in the late-seventies and that he is one of the greatest Ape-Man artists ever.

So behold the classic “anniversary” comic cover of Action Comics #400, with the story titled, “My Son… Is He Man or Beast?” A question I’m sure every parent of a young boy has asked at some point. In this case Supes is actually only the “guardian” of the young man, but dealing with an angry teen is still a heroic task nonetheless.

If you are interested in more of Neal Adams incredible art, you can visit his official page at or check out a library of his DC Comic covers at their Wiki Page. Plan to meet Mr. Adams at Comicon and tell him NERDVANA sent you!

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