All Hallow’s End comes to Heroes as BlizzCon looms large!

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The annual All Hallow’s End celebration in WoW has now spread to Heroes of the Storm!

Do not miss the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest for a plushy and in-game goodies too!  Then get excited for voice chat which is debuting with the Overwatch beta and COULD spread to other Blizzard games as well!!!  Make sure you don’t get comfy on Tuesday as there is an extended maintenance scheduled for all games but it might be a good time to update your beta settings if you want to get invited to the latest from Blizzard!

BlizzConLinkin Park is closing BlizzCon this year but I am probably more excited for the Pin Trading!!  Interested in where you can watch the eSports Championships this week and next?!  If you are going to BlizzCon, make sure you go by the Voice Actor Stage and audition for a chance to visit Blizzard HQ!  Find out more about talent contestants Unleasha and Hope Diamond!

Diablo 3 – Is something brewing for Diablo fans?  The smaller section for the game at BlizzCon seems to say no, but it is curious that really nothing new has come out from the team in a few weeks.  It is almost like Blizzard is withholding even small bits of information to give us an overload during the convention!

HearthStone – Don’t miss out on the Highmaulin’ and Brawlin’ card back this month!  Patch Notes for the latest change has almost 300 comments for a “minor” change to the Warsong Commander card and also the release of HearthStone in Japan!  This week brings us the HearthStone World Championships and you can always host a Fireside Gathering to watch this and BlizzCon too!!

Heroes of the StormAll Hallow’s End comes to Heroes in a few days and with it comes the Headless Horseman’s Charger, portrait, ANNNND +50% XP bonus too!!  If that isn’t enough, this past week we saw a small patch which allowed players like me to get early access to the hero Artanis because we pre-ordered StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void!  Make sure to buy Tassadar or Jaina skins during the Weekly Sale before it ends Tuesday and then check out the package deal of buying a new GeForce video card and getting Diablo and his Kaijo skin for free!!  Then see what the World Championship Groups are for Heroes!!  Also, find out what having 42 Master heroes looks like!

StarCraft 2 – I mentioned it before, but the Artanis hero is free in Heroes of the Storm if you pre-order Legacy of the Void!  Find out more about the new Automated Tournaments feature with some behind the scenes thinking from the developers in addition to what the rewards will be from this!!  There were some tweaks in the Balance Updates this week that don’t seem too horrible and also the latest addition to lore in the form of the online comic Sacrifice!

World of Warcraft – Want to know everything available during Hallow’s End?  Find out more in the Wowhead article!  In the running theme of small patches, the latest Hotfixes for this week fits the pattern!  The Northrend Timewalking bonus event ends tomorrow so don’t miss out!  Take part in the Hallow’s End poll, see some new WoW art, and a Community Spotlight on an individual that recreates WoW scenes with Lego bricks!!

Twitter Question of the Week – Q:  @BlizzHeroes Does the beam Artanis uses against other heroes at 10 need tweaking to make it move faster? Doesn’t seem to follow enough.  A:  Nothing yet, but at least I put the bug in their ear!!  I hope you get to play Artanis next week, if you didn’t pre-order LotV, and share your opinion too!

Enjoying the Blitz?  Want to ask some questions or give me ideas for future articles?  Reach out to me on Twitter @rusty_schmidt!

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