Blizzard Blitz: Preparing for BlizzCon!

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Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is in a holding pattern just waiting for BlizzCon this coming week!

Check out the 2015 Pumpkin Contest Winners!  Make sure that you participate in the online BlizzCon Charity Auctions Nov. 4-13 via eBay to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Orange County! If you are attending BlizzCon in person do not miss the Artist Stage!

Diablo 3 – Still nothing new this week….are you noticing a trend? I sure am! I hope the developers are saving their bullets for big announcements during BlizzCon!

HearthStone – Are you ready to know what the new card back is from the November 2015 Ranked Play Season? So is everybody else, because it is a secret!

Heroes of the Storm – It is Artanis hero week now that he is available for everybody to play! In a slow week, we only have the Weekly Sale for Abathur and Arthas! Also, don’t forget about the All Hallow’s End bonus XP which ends Tuesday!

Overwatch – I told you last week that it was coming, but it is finally here!  Overwatch Beta is now live!  After the first wave of invites went out, they quickly sent out a second wave so check your e-mail and the client to see if your account was flagged to start playing!

StarCraft 2 – The Legacy of the Void beta is scheduled to close tomorrow!  That is on top of Patch 3.0.3 dropping with not a lot of real changes EXCEPT for a cosmetic change on workers which you can find details of in the comments on this page!  Looking for the next lore story? Look no further than the Sector Six short story! Learn something about the Co-op Missions (formerly Allied Commanders) which is a new mode to play with the next expansion! Did you know that the World Championship Series Global Finals has already started?! Get ready for an Archon Mode Champions Showmatch AND an Archon Mode Legends Champions Showcase with some of the best current and legends of eSports during BlizzCon!

World of Warcraft – Did you visit these places in Azeroth to celebrate the Halloween atmosphere or get any of these pets that were available this weekend? Have you taken part in the Battleground Bonus Event this weekend? Make sure you check out all the events in WoW that are coming in November! There were small changes in the latest set of Hotfixes! During BlizzCon make sure you tune in to the Arena World Championship and if you are going then welcome William King, author of the new Illidan novel, to the Blizzard family (if you aren’t going, then click on the link anyways to see the cover art reveal)!

Twitter Question of the Week – Follow me on Twitter this week to get live coverage of BlizzCon from Anaheim! I promise I’ll post more than I did this week, since I didn’t get to ask any questions!

Enjoying the Blitz? Want to ask some questions or give me ideas for future articles? Reach out to me on Twitter @rusty_schmidt!

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