Launching StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm content after BlizzCon

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Lots of updates, but many are leftovers which you already heard about during our coverage of BlizzCon!

If you didn’t catch coverage of BlizzCon here is a quick recap from Blizzard!  Ever wonder about the prize money and trophies that are given out during BlizzCon?  Wonder no more with this article on it!

Diablo 3 – Patch 2.4 is now on the PTR and the Patch Notes are out!  There is even a lengthy recap from BlizzCon too!

HearthStone – Did I mention that the adventure League of Explorers is out now?!?  We have articles on BlizzCon day one and day two for HearthStone in addition to the new World Champion Ostkaka too!  Ever wonder what is in the decks of champions?  Well good thing Blizzard has put together a list for us!!

Heroes of the Storm – We know Cho’gall is coming out, but could it be this week?  Interesting that a Brawl with the Blues is going to feature him on Wednesday which could be the day after he drops onto the servers!  Also interesting that the latest patch has been released onto the PTR servers BUT only a new map is featured and no new heroes!  If you missed some of the announcements from BlizzCon check out this short article!  Of course we can’t forget about the Weekly Sale either, this week featuring Sonya and Zagara!

StarCraft 2Legacy of the Void is now out with the accompanying Patch Notes for it too!!  You can check out the new units with this good briefing and also if you want 120 pages of information go look for the “StarCraft II: Field Manual“!  After you finish this campaign, don’t despair we’ll get more SC2 in the form of the Nova Covert Ops mission pack!  Also bask in the history of StarCraft with this feature on it from BlizzCon!

World of Warcraft – After BlizzCon the focus is on how classes will be treated in the Legion (and after) expansion, so it makes sense that Blizzard has put out previews for every class: rogue, druid, monk, warrior, shaman, death knight, warlock, paladin, mage, priest, and hunter!!  After you read all of that information, read up on the overview of Patch 6.2.3 and the Patch Notes!  Then get extra XP from Pet Battles this weekend!

Twitter Question of the Week – I won’t post them here, but my content on Twitter was a series of posts to Best Buy and their support due to an annoying issue with the SC2 Collector’s Edition not getting shipped to my store, even though I had pre-ordered it and had Best Buy e-mail me that it had been shipped!  Still waiting for a call too, so maybe I’ll get my act together next week after I get over this flu that put me down for a few days too, and send in a good question to the Blizzard Home Offices!

Enjoying the Blitz? Want to ask some questions or give me ideas for future articles? Reach out to me on Twitter @rusty_schmidt!


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