Blizzard Blitz: May 31st – Heroes is coming!

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Blizzard Entertainment

On Tuesday you will be able to enjoy the latest Blizzard game, Heroes of the Storm, in all its glory!

While Heroes is on the horizon, don’t forget about BlizzCon in November and the contests that are coming with their deadlines due soon!

Diablo 3 – Ever since the original Diablo the barbarian class has been my groove, so I was happy to see a Play Your Way Thursday based on a barbarian build which used a lot of skills I normally don’t see plus a few items I had not seen before either!

HearthStone – There are only a few hours left in the month to get your Ninja cardback and check out a Mage deck in progress then some wedding invitations styled after HearthStone!

Heroes of the StormExclusive content will be unleashed during the launch event for Heroes like the new hero Johanna, and an epic live show by Madeon!  Also, Blizzard is being awesome to let us roll over our character and hero levels to Live but also starting 12:01 AM on Launch Day June 2nd we will get 7 full days of 25% boosted XP!  Then after enjoying Launch Day, Brawl with the Blues on June 3rd with several members of the community and some individuals from the development team too!  Of course, let’s not forget about the last Weekly Sale before Launch Day this time featuring Nova and Anub’arak!!

Getting ready to play, or just getting into the game during Open Beta?  Check out Kotaku’s tips and then the third and fourth lessons from TGNSquadron!

StarCraft 2Patch 2.5.2 for Legacy of the Void Beta is now online with the Liberator now playable in Beta!  The groups for WCS Toronto Season Finals are now set for June 26-28!

World of Warcraft – Don’t miss out on all the events going on in WoW during the month of June including tournament schedules!  There have also been a few tweaks in the Patch 6.2 PTR as well with some of the major ones being an enhancement to the Personal Loot mode and damage reductions to the Monk class characters too.  Tune in June 6th for Q&A with the developers!

Twitter Question of the Week – Q:  Anybody from #Blizzard going to be at @PhoenixComicon? @Diablo @PlayHearthstone @BlizzHeroes @StarCraft @Warcraft @PlayOverwatch @nerdvana.  A:  Unfortunately there was no response, so I don’t think Blizzard had a presence at Phoenix Comicon this year.  :{

Enjoying the Blitz?  Want to ask some questions or give me ideas for future articles?  Reach out to me on Twitter @rusty_schmidt!

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