Blizzard Blitz: July 12th – Another slow week

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Blizzard Entertainment

Maybe it is a result of the holiday vacation schedule at Blizzard, or they had a lot of things going on at San Diego Comic Con, but not a lot was going on this week!

Did you get to see Blizzard at SDCC this year?  Did you have awesome friends that went and got swag for you?  Fellow Nerdvana author Bob Leeper went to cover the event, make sure to check out his columns about SDCC15, got in line to snag me some swag and he is THE MAN!!  Hopefully if you went you were able to get into Hall H for the Legendary Pictures panel and the introduction of 5 minutes of Warcraft movie footage!  They finally started a Twitter account for it too at @warcraftmovie!  I even think based on what director Duncan Jones says here, we will be seeing a world premiere of the trailer at BlizzCon!!  Also, don’t forget to be submitting your pictures and videos each week for a chance at epic loot and a chance at getting into gamescon this year with the appropriate hashtags!

Diablo 3 – Did you know that the original Diablo was released for the PlayStation in Japan 17 years ago?!?  After you get over that mind-blogging fact, check out the Play Your Way Thursday feature this week which has a Demon Hunter built for firepower!

HearthStone – First off, what does the Innkeeper’s newest story mean for us?  In the comments it says something about mounts in HearthStone, but I think it is more a prelude to the next major expansion being announced!  After you read that, make sure you look at the top 100 players for June and let us know if you are in the listing!

Heroes of the Storm – I covered the art contests for HotS a few times, but I didn’t realize that over 2,000 pieces of art would be submitted or that they would all be made available!  The top 25 are being considered for the top 3 prizes and some of them look just spectacular!!  Were you able to catch the qualifiers for the North American July Open this weekend?  Make sure to catch the Round of 8 next weekend!!  Then check out the Weekly Sale for Raynor and Abathur!

Overwatch – Did you see the match footage featuring Solider: 76?  Want to join the developers for a reddit Q&A this week on Solider: 76?!  Of course you do!  A few weeks ago I suggested that either Morrison or Reyes would be the masked gunslinger Reaper, and based on this teaser for the Overwatch graphic novel my money is on Reyes!!

StarCraft 2 – Again, nothing to see here!  The lack of information the past few weeks makes me really think that we have some big announcements coming for the game!

World of Warcraft – Make sure you see the Timewalking highlights for Gundrak and the Halls of Lightning which both bring back some pretty good memories of playing WoW!  If you didn’t get a chance to play this weekend, make sure you take advantage of the triple bonus Arena PvP honor until end of day Monday!  There were many different updates in the latest Patch 6.2 Hotfix list, and nothing really game changing, but a few might be worth looking at if you’re interested!  Make sure to watch the North American Arena Cup 1 live this week on Twitch!

Twitter Question of the Week – Since I didn’t ask a question last week, I figured I would double down with a few this week!  Q1:  @BlizzardCS Can we get an update for launcher to have new categories in news for @PlayOverwatch & Warcraft movie?  Q2:  @BlizzHeroes When are more Eternal Conflict heroes/skins/mounts coming out?!? Any #SDCC15 news we can look forward to about HotS? Thanks!  A1&2:  Silence!  I thought they were good questions, and maybe they’ll bring some change even if I don’t get an answer online.

Enjoying the Blitz?  Want to ask some questions or give me ideas for future articles?  Reach out to me on Twitter @rusty_schmidt!

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