Blizzard Blitz: December 29th

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I hope everybody has had a Happy Holidays so far, but hopefully you’ll get even happier after you read some of these new updates in today’s Blizzard Blitz! 

First off, I don’t want to miss out on passing along some Season’s Greetings from the staff at Blizzard!

Diablo 3 – I hope you were able to take part in the +100% bonus experience in the game over the last few days!  You didn’t?  Well, there are a few hours left!

HearthStone – The December Ranked Play Season (Go Big or Go Gnome) is almost over!  Get to Rank 20 before January 1st so you can get the exclusive card back for this season!!!  As I’m just starting out with the game, I haven’t dipped my toe into the Ranked pool yet, but knowing there are special card backs each month that I can get?  I just might start playing Ranked!

Heroes of the StormLog in now to the Technical Alpha and play a game to get a special portrait reward, get to Level 40 for a different portrait reward, and also enjoy an XP boost until Closed Beta starts on January 13th!

StarCraft 2 – Get up to speed on the biggest and baddest of the Terran forces in the game!

World of Warcraft – Know somebody that would enjoy WoW but doesn’t want to make an investment in all the expansion packs yet?  How about buying a digital bundle pack with all of the expansions (except for the latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor) for JUST $9.99?!?  Sale ends on the 5th!

Playing WoW now?  Don’t forget to get your gifts from Greatfather Winter under the tree in your respective cities!

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