Blizzard Blitz: December 21st

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While we are taking this time during the holidays to spend with our family and loved ones, that does not mean we can’t grab a game or two in between all the activities!  Of course it looks like maybe Blizzard is running the ship with a skeleton crew because the number of updates this month has gone down a notch or three compared to other weeks, but I have something to spotlight for each game this week that I found worth my time.  I hope you’ll find them worth your time too!

Diablo 3 – Did you miss the Legendary Workshop last week?  Well fear not, because Blizzard recorded it and you can view it here!

HearthStone – The Android Tablet invasion has begun!  Buy pack bundles of 15 or 40 to get bonus Amazon Coins for a short time.

Heroes of the Storm – While I think the HotS team has a pretty clear vision of who are the heroes and villains, this post highlights the problem of heroes and villains for some of our traditional Diablo characters.

StarCraft 2 – Are you ready for a new Ladder to begin?  Check out the new maps that will be used in the new year!

World of Warcraft – Catch up on all the activities with the Feast of Winter Veil!

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