Blizzard Blitz: August 23 – Cancelled this week!

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Technical difficulties have taken me out this week!

My computer won’t boot up successfully since Thursday night, and I haven’t had a chance to fully fight this battle so no Blitz this week!

We should get a patch for Diablo 3 this week, and also the new expansion for HearthStone so be on the lookout for those!!

Here and there ...

Rusty Schmidt
Rusty Schmidt has been into gaming since the family had to get a second Atari 2600 so everybody could play at once and interested in computer gaming since playing Math Blaster and The Oregon Trail all the way back in 5th grade. Later he found the original Diablo and StarCraft games to get hooked on Blizzard games and eventually stopped playing SNES games trading them for PC games because of the online persistence of worlds like SWG and WoW. Currently a Blizzard Correspondent, he looks forward to becoming a Senior Blizzard Correspondent for Nerdvana some day.