Black Friday madness – Blizzard style!

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Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard gave us Black Friday deals on almost every one of their games and they make GREAT gifts for your friends!

In years past I have seen some awesome deals from Blizzard, but this year it seems like they have gone above and beyond because just about everything is discounted AND the deals are good for a few weeks too!!  Were you at BlizzCon this year?  See if you were captured in one of these photos then download the wallpaper!

Diablo 3 – The Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil edition for XBOX and PS consoles is up to 50% off at your favorite retailer!  If you are on the PC and interested in the Seasonal play, you can check out the next Season on the PTR already!!  Sounds like the current Season will be ending soon then!

HearthStoneThe League of Explorers has been live for a few weeks and so far we are up to the wing of Uldaman so be prepared for an adventure to mirror the original instance in World of Warcraft!!  Make sure that you get to Rank 20 before tomorrow night so you can get the new card back!!

Heroes of the StormEVERYTHING is half off this week!!  Oh, and also there will be a brand new stimpack which will be good for 360 days AND is only available during this sale!  With the latest patch came the double trouble hero Cho’gall and shortly after we got the Towers of Doom map released too!!!  If you are a WoW player as well, you might want to pre-order the new expansion Legion so you can get access to the Felstalker mount!

Overwatch – Did you get into the expanded Best Test Weekend?!  If you have been invited into the glory that is Overwatch, let us know in the comments how you are enjoying it so far!  I’ve heard a few reviews from people I met at BlizzCon, and they range from fair to amazing so I don’t have a good handle on what an accurate review is yet.

StarCraft 2Save 50% on both the original episode of StarCraft II, Wings of Liberty, and the follow up Heart of the Swarm so you can catch up with the story if you have not yet had the pleasure!!  If you are a current player, or if you are brand new, do not miss out on double XP this coming week in all modes of play!

World of WarcraftGet 75% off the base game and the latest expansion Warlords of Draenor UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!!  If you log in before tomorrow night, you can get a celebration package for the 11th year anniversary of WoW!  Patch 6.2.3 is now active and also Season 3 PvP has started!  Have you heard the news!?!  Gnomes will be able to become hunters in the new expansion!!

Twitter Question of the Week – Q: @Warcraft I haven’t played in years but am planning on returning for Legion. Does my Garrison need building up to enjoy the expansion?  A: Just silence so far, but the question popped into my head while reading another game review talking about a type of “legacy” system between one release and another.

Enjoying the Blitz?  Want to ask some questions or give me ideas for future articles?  Reach out to me on Twitter @rusty_schmidt!


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