World War Z trailer teaZe

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The long awaited first look at the film World War Z has finally been released by Entertainment Tonight (ET).  The film adaptation of the killer book by Max Brooks started production in 2011 and it was highly anticipated that we’d get a tease of WWZ during last February’s Super Bowl; but due to issues ranging from real terrorist interventions to scene re-shoots, we’re just now getting a look at this global-scale gut-gobbling extravaganza.

Brad Pitt plays a United Nations ambassador traveling the globe talking to survivors and trying to figure out a way to save the world. If you haven’t yet read the book, it is highly recommended and a facinating read; and you have plenty of time as the film doesn’t open in theaters until June 21, 2013. Author Max Brooks covers every conceivable angle of an apocalyptic scenario and undead uprising with logical, plausible and imaginative storytelling.

Set your DVR, the ET trailer above is just a teaser for the full trailer that will debut on Entertainment Tonight this Thursday evening (11/8) and it will be released online soon after its initial airing.

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