‘Wheel of Time’ rolls over ‘Lost Symbol’

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thumb100The latest installment in the epic fantasy series “The Wheel of Time” has dethroned Dan Brown’s latest thriller on the New York Times bestseller list.

The Gathering Storm, by the late Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, took the top spot last week, knocking off The Lost Symbol, which spent seven weeks there.

Sanderson, who was chosen to finish the series after Jordan died in 2007, shares his thoughts on the achievement here in his personal blog:

The thing is, I don’t feel I can take much — if any — credit for this. The reason this book turned out as well as it did (and thank you all for your kind emails, posts, and reviews) was because of the work Robert Jordan did before he passed away. He literally lay on his deathbead dictating scenes for you, too weak to write. He loved his readers dearly, and those of you lucky enough to meet him know that he was a truly kind and generous man.

The author will meet with fans Nov. 16 at the Scottsdale Public Library.

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