What is Pottermore?

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What is Pottermore? For now, just the name of a website set up by J.K. Rowling’s people to tease us. We know it’s not a new book and that it’s not directly related to next month’s release of the final Harry Potter movie — that much has been made clear by the Ministry.

But what could the new project be?

We won’t know until the Harry Potter author makes her announcement next week, but we can speculate:

  • An MMO, or other game.
  • A TV series or movie is unlikely — we would have heard of that by now, probably — but it could be a web series of some kind.
  • A podcast or webcast.
  • A new web portal or social network.
  • A search engine — powered by real magic!

What do you think Pottermore will be? What’s your wildest guess, and most likely bet?

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