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Get your 3D fix with these two eye-popping flicks:

Final Destination 5 is an interesting movie, in that it returns to the basics that made the originals fun, yet makes you realize how little there was to offer in the first place. The plot is pretty much scene-by-scene identical to previous installments; simply enter increasingly gory and “original” death scenes here. The 3D was a bloody good time and was definitely used gratuitously, but to great effect. But no amount of 3D (or a genuinely surprising twist ending) can really make Final Destination 5 a stop worth making. Read the full review here.




Conan the Barbarian is a remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic from 1982. The loads of violence, nudity and gore will certainly entertain the target audience, and, frankly, it’s a rather good time. Some clever action sequences and a solid lead actor and villain make Conan an exciting B-action adventure flick. But the overlong and redundant fight scenes wear down on the audience, giving the movie the pacing of a video game. Like cotton candy, fun while it lasts, but ultimately without substance. Read the full review here.

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