Updated guest list for CopperCon Revolution (8/8-8/11)

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Toni-DarlingHere’s an updated guest list for CopperCon Revolution, courtesy of event chairman Michael Fett. The Aug. 8-11 convention is organized by the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society and will be at Mesa’s Windemere Hotel, 5750 E. Main St.

  • Toni Darling, cosplay guest of honor (pictured)
  • Randall Whitlock, local guest of honor

Previously announced:

  • L.E. Modesitt Jr. (pictured), a bestselling author of more than 60 novels, is the author guest of honor. His newest book, Antiagon Fire, is seventh in the Imager Portfolio series and due out in late May.
  • Mike Grell, promotional artist for CW’s Arrow, is media guest of honor.
  • Steve Leialoha, a comic book artist known for his inking and pencilling and work on Fables, is the artist guest of honor.
  • Trina Robbins, comics artist and writer, is historian guest of honor

Aug. 8 (Thursday) will see several CopperCon events open free to the public, including Barry Bard’s At The Moves and the CopperCon Revolution film festival, as well as public access to the dealer’s room, featuring vendors including Massoglia Books, October Arts, Az Powergirl, Jean’s Beads, Darryl Dawson’s Books, Pop Culture Paradise, Drawn To Comics, Monster Comic Books, and AZ Collector’s Marketplace. Artists Kipsworld, Mark Greenawalt, Andy Carreon, Andy Bohn, Alfred Trujillo, Jeff Pina, Jolene Houser, Reyna Art, and Studio Fugazi. Guests of honor who will have tables include Trina Robbins, Liz Safian Berube, Mike Grell, Steve Leialoha, and Toni Darling. In addition, Pop Culture Paradise will be providing certified creator signature services on site.

Aug. 9 (Friday) there will be a VIP Guest Comedy Dinner in which the National Comedy Theater will spoof the Doctor Who serial “The Pirate Planet” by Douglas Adams.

Membership rates:

  • Full Con Adult Badge – $50 at door
  • Full Con Youth Badge (7-12) – $25 at door
  • Children (0-6) – free with adult membership
  • Single Day Rates
  • Friday Adult – $20
  • Friday Youth (7-12)- $10
  • Saturday Adult – $30
  • Saturday Youth (7-12)- $15
  • Sunday Adult – $20
  • Sunday Youth (7-12)- $10
  • Children (0-6) – free with adult membership

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