TSR WildSpace game trailer will flay your mind

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Guess I’ve been on kind of a nostalgic D&D kick lately, not that I’m actually playing or anything. I didn’t even make it to Free RPG Day (not that many in the Valley did).

Then I stumbled on this really cheese trailer that was produced back in the TSR days for a hybrid video/board game called WildSpace. It was based on the Spelljammer campaign setting (D&D in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace, basically) and would have followed a similar and equally cheese-tastic game called DragonStrike.

Consider your mind flayed!

As bad as the effects and acting are, there’s a certain honest zeal about the whole thing that demands a grudging respect. Kind of like Xena. And, one of the few on-screen depictions of a mild flayer you’ll probably ever see.

Via EN World

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