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Gygax magazine by TSR Games

Strange as it sounds — TSR is back. The trademark name of the company that launched Dungeons & Dragons nearly 40 years ago has been picked up by Hexagonist Publishing LLC, which will launch Gygax magazine in December. The sons of original TSR co-founder and D&D co-creator Gary Gygax are involved as will be several TSR veterans, according to industry news site ICv2. You will also see contributions from such names as Cory Doctorow, Ethan Gilsdorf and cartoonist Rich Burlew.

Gary Gygax’s widow, apparently, is not involved and may not even support the family’s name being used in this way. The sons appear to be lending their surname to the project but may not be able to invoke their iconic father’s full name…

New TSR Games founder Jayson Elliot told ENWorld that the TSR trademark lapsed some time after Wizards of the Coast bought the old gaming company in the ’90s, and was picked up by Hexagonist last year.

From ICv2:

Gygax Magazine will focus on tabletop non-electronic gaming and role-playing. The magazine promises to offer content for both new and experienced gamers, combining both current role-playing titles as well as classic and out-of-print games. TSR Games plans to publish both a print and a digital version of the magazine.

Gygax magazine is planned as a quarterly release in print, PDF and an iPad edition. You can sign up for more details as they’re made public here.

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