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I’m going into a phase of light posting, if any, until after New Year’s, but I’ve lined up a few classics that will go out over the next week. You may also see a contributor chime in with a live post or two, and of course I’ll be reacting to any major developments — but for the most part, not a creature will be stirring.

But I know that Nerdvana lives inside each of you, so I leave you with a question, and I want your opinions in the comments section below: What was your favorite sci-fi/fantasy/gaming/comics story of 2010? If the discussion really gets going (and I hope it will), the results may make an interesting new post to start off 2011 right. If I have a New Year’s resolution for this blog, it’s to increase the reader interaction, and to get out of the office more and review the great fandom community that exists in Arizona rather than just previewing it for you.

So, discuss! And have a happy and safe holiday!

(P.S.: I want to thank all the Nerdvana contributors and followers for their endless enthusiasm and support!)

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