The Wheel of Time turns once again

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Novelist Brandon Sanderson has been selected by the family of author Robert Jordan to finish the final novel in the Wheel of Time series. The completion of the series was up in the air after Jordan’s death in September. The new book entitled, A Memory of Light, will complete one of the best selling and most expansive fantasy storyline out there. The Wheel of Time has an accompanying video game, role playing system, collectible card game and much more.
I’ll admit that I stopped reading the series four or five books ago when it became clear that the series wasn’t ending anytime soon. Ever since then I’ve been waiting for the Wheel of Time to wrap up so I could sit down and read all the novels back to back (to back to back to back…..) and it looks like my chance will be here. At least in a few more years anyway; the book has a scheduled publication date of fall of 2009. I’ll be waiting…

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