The Walking Playboy

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The Walking Dead in PlayboyUnconfirmed rumor has it that this Sunday’s season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead will reveal the first glimpse of the TWD comic’s ultimate zombie-slaying character, Michonne. This is the moment every Walking Dead fan has been waiting for and multitudes of fingers are crossed hoping it happens.

April 2012 PlayboyBut one Michonne related rumor that is definitely true, is that the April issue of Playboy, that hits newsstands this Friday, will have a six-page Walking Dead story unveiling the untold origin of the badass-babe with the samurai-sword. This new chapter is written by TWD creator Robert Kirkman with art by Charlie Adlard.

The printing of a relatively mainstream comic story on the pages of Playboy strikes me as a first and I think finally proves that comics, as well as their primary audience, have grown up. Although I’m sure some will say that reading Playboy is NOT a sign of maturity. Didn’t Fredric Wertham warn us about this? One thing is for sure, this Friday the clerks at the 7/11 are never going to know what hit them.

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