The not-at-Gen Con RPG report: D&D unlocks digital archives; Star Wars RPG debuts in beta

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  • Star Wars RPG: Edge of the Empire (Fantasy Flight Games)Not only is there a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons in the works, with public playtesting under way, but Wizards of the Coast announced Friday at Gen Con in Indianapolis that all of their back catalog of D&D products from all editions of the venerable tabletop roleplaying game will be made available digitally. This follows limited-edition, premium hardcopy reprints of the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual for both AD&D 1st Edition and the 3.5 revision. Details such as pricing and release schedule haven’t been announced — and Wizards, a Hasbro company, has had a spotty track record with electronic publishing — but with the 40th anniversary of D&D coming up in 2014, it doesn’t take an archmage to figure out what’s going on. Source: EN World
  • To coincide with Gen Con, Wizards released the second round of “D&D Next” playtest documents. You can get them here for free.
  • D&D’s greatest current challenger, Paizo’s Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, has joined forces with Steve Jackson Games for a Pathfinder edition of the popular satirical fantasy card game Munchkin. Source: EN World
  • Star Wars Roleplaying Game news has been scarce since Fantasy Flight Games acquired the license around this time last year, although they did announce a tactical miniatures dogfighting game as well as a living card game. But now the company has announced a public beta for Edge of the Empire, what they’re calling the first of three installments “to encapsulate the operatic grandeur of the Star Wars universe.” As with all of the chapters, Edge of the Empire takes place during the sacred Original Trilogy and will focus on “the scum and villainy of the galaxy and the explorers and colonists of the Outer Rim.” It will also make use of “custom” dice via special stickers included with the book or an iOS/Android mobile app! The second installment will be called Age of Rebellion, which will be followed by Force and Destiny. Unlike D&D’s next edition, however, taking part in the open playtest of Edge of the Empire will cost you — $29.95 for a 224-page softcover rulebook available at Gen Con, participating North American retailers and the FFG website.

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