The Hunger Games prequel: 5 things we know about the book and movie so far

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hunger games prequelThe hugely successful film franchise, adapted from the novel series, The Hunger Games, is returning with a new book from the original author!

The Hunger Games series was a widely popular young adult series of novels by author Suzanne Collins. The books were adapted into The Hunger Games film franchise, to equally smashing success. One of the highlights of the film franchise was being the launching vehicle of now Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. 

While the books and films have ended, Scholastic, the publisher of the books confirmed that a new prequel novel is on the way!

So here are 5 things that we know about the Hunger Games prequel novel and movie, so far. 

Hunger Games refresher

The Hunger Games was a series of novels that were set in the fictional country of Panem. The setting saw a dystopian future where the losing districts of an old war were punished by having to sacrifice tributes from their districts, to a violent competition known as The Hunger Games. 

Each district saw one young boy and girl be chosen by lottery to compete in a survival battle to the death. The hero of the series, Katniss Everdeen (Lawrence) volunteered in the place of her younger sister, and it’s through her eyes that the story is told. The Hunger Games dealt with many real-world issues of politics, society’s elite, the impact of media and what it means to be a public hero. 

Hunger Games prequel coming soon

The newest Hunger Games novel will be released on May 19, 2020. 

The publisher for the first series of books, Scholastic, confirmed the news on an Instagram post. The title of the prequel is so far unknown, as I’m sure the title may convey some information about the story as well. 

The announcement comes as no surprise as many long ended book and film franchises have announced prequels, after the resounding success of their predecessors. The Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter franchises are but some that have done the same. 

Suzanne Collins returns

The original writer of the Hunger Games series, Suzanne Collins, will be returning to pen the new novel.

While many film franchises will see novelizations of their brands licensed to be written by many different authors, this new Hunger Games story will be told from the mind of the franchise’s original writer. The writer released a statement where she expressed genuine excitement at returning to this world and tell a new story set in a different time. 

How far of a prequel?

The new Hunger Games prequel will focus on 10 years after the war, during what is known in the universe as Dark Days. 

The original Hunger Games novels focused on an established, post-war world where the Games were a part of life and its harsh cruelty. Katniss sought to topple that new world order, which was the ending of her story. 

The new prequel will be focusing on the period prior to these adventures, more specifically, 10 years after the war. The time frame seems like the Hunger Games would still be a relatively new concept that citizens of Panem might be getting used to. 

The story may feature a world that is less accepting of the brutality of the games, and the depths that the new world order has to go to in order to normalize this savage competition. We may also get to see the evolution of all the pageantry that was a big aspect of the original series. 

The prequel movie is inevitable

Given the success of the original book series adaptation into the billion-dollar film franchise, a film adaptation of the new prequel novel seems almost inevitable. 

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group are the film studios that currently hold the license for the Hunger Games films. With a novel in the works, the studio has already made their intentions on a film adaptation clear. 

Joe Drake, chairman of the studio, mentioned in a new statement that he “can hardly wait for Suzanne’s next book to be published.” Drake also reiterated his desire to continue working with Collins on the new movie. 

Which actors will return?

Given that the prequel book takes place 64 years before the events of the original Hunger Games, it’s unlikely that any of the main cast will return for the new movie. 

The original franchise saw Katniss as a 16 year old, with the rest of the supporting cast all within ages ranging from their teens to late 50s. So with a 64-year gap, I can’t see any of the main or supporting cast of the original film being present for the new movie. However, there is one character who might return. 

During the events of the original series, the main antagonist, President Snow, the man behind the competition and Katniss’ tormentor was said to have been 76 years old. So the new prequel novel could see an appearance by, not the actor Donald Sutherland, but a 10-year-old future President Snow. 

I guess only time will tell as the details and specifics of the new book and film come together in the coming months.

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