So artistically done: Legend or not, Thrawn trilogy gets a cover revamp

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Grand Admiral Thrawn may be getting a new place and time in the Galaxy Far, Far Away this fall with his reintroduction on the season premiere of Star Wars Rebels, but that doesn’t mean the novels that first gave us the Empire’s tactical greatest tactical genius have been completely swept aside. In fact, they’re getting a makeover.

Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command, collectively known as the “Thrawn trilogy,” are being re-released this fall with new covers by Rich Kelly. They will carry the “Legends” branding — code for the vast library of Star Wars tie-in novels, comics and games that came before Disney bought Lucasfilm and wiped the slate clean for a new, simpler canon.

Thrawn himself, of course, is prominent on all three, and his imposing blue visage dominates the front of the first and second books, which form a single image also including Luke Skywalker on one side and Han Solo and a pregnant Princess Leia Organa Solo on the other. The third book shows the Grand Admiral from behind — the pristine white uniform back that will soon be decorated in red by a traitorous Noghri bodyguard … “So artistically done.”

Besides consulting on the character’s Rebels debut, Zahn is returning to pen a new novel, titled simply Thrawn, due for an April 2017 release.

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