Fantasy Flight Games gets Star Wars license, announces X-Wing minis and Rebellion card game

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The wait is over.

Fantasy Flight Games on Tuesday announced a licensing deal with Lucasfilm to publish card games, roleplaying games and miniature games based on the Star Wars saga.

Speculation on who bought the Star Wars license after Wizards of the Coast (Hasbro) let it drop last year had mostly centered on Fantasy Flight, which Robot Viking ubergameblogger Ed Grabianowski notes has a sterling reputation for quality products.

FFG’s first announced Star Wars titles include X-Wing, a tactical miniatures dogfighting game likely based on their Wings of War system, and Star Wars: The Card Game, a 2-4 player cooperative “living” card game set in the Rebellion era that will be supported by later expansion decks to be called Force Packs.

X-Wing doesn’t have a release date or retail price yet, and Grabianowski reports The Card Game is expected later in the year (the official website lists it at $39.95). The announcement comes on the eve of Gen Con, the massive gaming convention taking place this weekend in Indianapolis. Perhaps more details will emerge there.

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