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Last Shot novel unites Han, Lando across Star Wars eras this April

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Just announced, Star Wars: Last Shot by Daniel Jose Older will be released April 17.

Leia: “Same jacket.”

Han: “No, new jacket.”

The hardcover novel will feature a reversible jacket showing the silhouette of Han Solo and the familiar “old” Millennium Falcon on one side and Lando Calrissian and the “newer” ship on the flip side.

Ebook and audiobook versions will also be available, of course.

Older is author of the Shadowshaper and Bone Street Rumba series of young adult and urban fantasy novels.

Last Shot is a Han and Lando novel taking place over multiple time periods, including Post-Return of the Jedi, and between Solo and A New Hope. This epic story features Lando, Han, Leia, young Ben Solo, Sana Starros and many others.

Star Wars: Last ShotStar Wars: Last Shot

Entertainment Weekly also broke news of more Solo companion books and comics.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters May 25.

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