‘Star Wars’ horror novel, ‘Indiana Jones’ video game

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What if someone wrote a Star Wars horror novel? It would probably look something like this:

Star Wars Deathtroopers

Deathtroopers by Joe Schreiber will be out just before Halloween in paperback from Del Rey.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is still airing on Cartoon Network on Fridays with encores on Saturday mornings and beyond, but that isn’t stopping sister network TNT from getting in on the action.

As arranged a long time ago, the excellent series from Lucasfilm Animation will start its encore run with back-to-back episodes in HD on Feb. 14 immediately following TNT’s NBA All-Star Saturday Night. TNT will then present back-to-back episodes in the series’ regular timeslot, Wednesdays, starting Feb. 18.

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The March issue of Nintendo Power (hooray, print media!) will feature as its cover story the upcoming Wii game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.

OK, it’s not Star Wars but it’s from LucasArts and the cover will have a great big awkward picture of Harrison Ford. OK? The game is also coming out for Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 and PSP.

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