‘Star Wars’ author, Dan Wallace, talks ‘The Jedi Path’ and more

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During my adventures at Star Wars Celebration V last month, I had the chance to sit down and talk with author Dan Wallace, best known for his Star Wars Essential Guides. His new book, The Jedi Path, is set to be released later this month, and it’s like no other Star Wars book you’ve ever seen.

Complete with its own “vault” (which includes moving parts, sounds and lights), The Jedi Path is a must-have for any Star Wars collector. But it’s not just the presentation that’s appealing. The Jedi Path offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Jedi Order, from lightsaber techniques to the mysterious Jedi Trials.

Written as an “in-universe” guide book, The Jedi Path was written by seven Jedi Masters, each with their own ideas about the Order and the Force. It was this kind of personal and diverse perspective that Dan enjoyed most about the project, giving him the chance to show a more varied and even contradictory view of the Jedi.

“The Jedi say that they’re unified, but I think underneath the surface, there’s probably a lot of dissension.”

The Jedi Path is up for pre-order on Amazon.com for the special discounted price of $62.99. It ships September 28, so make sure to order your copy soon!

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